Earthquake Predictors
Answers in Plain Sight
Times and Dates When the Next
Great Tremor Might Strike


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Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight

Times and Dates When the Next Great Tremor Might Strike

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  Millions of people on three continents, from London to Caracas, from Liverpool to Los Angeles, have heard the evidence in “Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight”— on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines.  It’s an important message for the immense populations along the US and Canadian west coasts, and the Mississippi River Valley.

  Quite a number of impossibilities have been advertised to the public throughout history — only to see each of them stunningly reversed. The Wright Brothers took to the air, the atom was split, the sound barrier was broken, notwithstanding what naysayers had declared previously with as much authority as if it were holy writ.  Likewise, there has been a nonstop decades-long litany of impossibility regarding earthquake prediction that has replaced the mantras of the past. A number of facts though say quite the opposite.   Here is a candid and open-minded inquiry into compelling clues and data that have been quietly downplayed or ignored for almost two centuries.

  Why have there been so many historic earthquakes on the West Coast that occurred at dawn and dusk, and moreover, those particular hours of the day during new and full moon dates? How is it that great quakes separated by years, even decades, keep striking at the same time of day, during the same phases of the month, within minutes, within seconds of each other? What is taking place now in the Mississippi Valley which could impinge on when the next great explosion on the New Madrid should occur?  Is the idea of man-made earthquakes science fiction, nonsense, or a possible glimpse of the future?  And why has a solution to the problem of earthquake prediction eluded this nation for so long, leaving the tens of millions in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and the US heartland with a culture that accepts the decades-long chorus of "impossibility" that has taken the place of real debate on this subject?

   Earthquake Prediction attempts to answer those questions, by connecting the interlocking parts of a scientific detective story that ranges from the steppes of Russia, to the jungles of Central America, and back to the San Andreas, Cascadia and New Madrid Fault Zones in the US and Canada. Remarkable evidence concerning what has been hypothesized about quake prediction--from as early as antiquity to the present--gives a thought-provoking overview of how this topic has remained in scientific limbo for so many centuries.

   This is the work that calls for the first steps to be taken toward the creation of a seismic advisory  for the US--lagging behind China, Japan and other countries who have already done so decades ago.  There are few books 
casting light on all the unspoken realities regarding this taboo subject--and only one culminating in a list of specific hours-long higher probability windows for seismicity into the future.  Earthquake Prediction gives the plain spoken reasons how and why it should be realized that it is plausible, with some degree of accuracy, to forecast the next ground-shaking catastrophe.

   More than anything though, i
t's a homage to the human race, a clan of clever and gutsy anthropoids who may get knocked down from time to time, but who always struggle back to their feet, swinging hard enough to defeat any opponent foolish enough to climb into the ring. The San Andreas might have won the first few rounds, and the Cascadia or New Madrid might be the next contenders up. This work says that the smart money though is firmly, irretrievably, without the slightest doubt...on us.

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