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Earthquake Predictors
Answers in Plain Sight
Times and Dates When the Next
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             When Will The Next "Big One" Hit? 
Update regarding 6.0 Napa Valley quake (3:20 AM, Aug 24, 2014):  

5.0 out of 5 stars Nabhan does it again August 26, 2014

By Charles Bukowski

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This guy predicted the Napa quake two years prior to 8-24-2014
Excellent , excellently researched, well written and just a good read

Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight
#1 Best Selling Kindle title at Amazon in Seismology category (Dec 2012, May 2013, Aug 2013, Nov 2013, Mar 2014, May 2014, June 2014, July 2014, May 2015, Jan 2016)

ebook  $2.99 (Kindle version) or Nook ( $2.99
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Is it possible to have advance warning for the next great earthquake? 
  Regarding the century long mantra of impossibility that has attached itself to seismic forecasting in the US, the facts may say otherwise.
Japan’s Tokai Warning System constantly evaluates seismic data for possible precursory evidence, and if an event is deemed imminent, has far-reaching emergency powers.  China's State Seismological Bureau  Center for Analysis and Prediction has functioned as China’s warning system for over 35 years and has made many successful predictions of time, place and magnitude, evacuating thousands of persons scant hours before earthquakes have struck.  Studies are in progress in almost every seismically active nation on Earth, investigating dozens of precursory dynamics which may give insights into seismic forecasts.  In the US, however, such goals are still considered by many almost beyond the pale (although that attitude is rapidly changing), leaving to stand the conundrum that earthquake prediction should be considered "impossible," but only if one lives of this side of the Pacific.

 Is there a pattern of earthquakes striking the West Coast of the U.S. at dawn and at dusk, or at certain times during the year?
  Sylmar, 6:00 AM.  Whittier Narrows, 7:42 AM.   Sierra Madre, 7:43 AM.  Gorman, 4:51 AM.  Northridge, 4:30 AM. Long Beach, 5:54 PM.  Six large quakes (magnitude 5.8 to 7.3), every tremor powerful enough to have caused fatalities within a 70 mile radius of Los Angeles' city center, struck Southern California between 1933 and 1994.  Every one of them occured either within a tight 3 hour window at dawn or a corresponding time interval at dusk.  According to USGS's "Deaths from US Earthquakes," 265 people died in those very quakes (that number also being the total seismic death toll for Greater LA for those years).  Moreover, two thirds of those events also took place not only either at dawn or dusk, but within equally anomalous near-syzygy dates:  within 36 hours of the precise instant of new or full moon phases.  Taking into account the stupendous warping power of the lunar and solar tides when combined, and calculating the odds, the probability is worthy of mention.  Plainly stated, that every single human being who perished in an earthquake in Metropolitan Los Angeles between 1933 and 1994 should have died either at dawn or at dusk, and due to temblors 2/3 of which striking during a new or full moon phase, can be summed up in two simple words:  quite implausible.

  The great quakes on the U.S. West Coast north of Southern California also fit this historic pattern.  The Great San Francisco Earthquake (1906) clocked in at 5:12 AM; Loma Prieta (1989) struck almost precisely 12 hours later:  5:04 PM.  Anchorage was destroyed on Good Friday, 1964 at 5:36 PM--47 minutes away from the exact moment when the Moon entered the greatest extent of it's fullness.  The last “Big One” on the Southern San Andreas (1857) hit Fort Tejon in the early morning.  The May 2, 1996 magnitude 5.4 Seattle earthquake, the largest in that city’s history since 1965, rocked the Puget Sound area no more than 9 minutes outside the time and date forecasted in
David Nabhan’s first book.  The October 29, 2012 mag. 6.4 shaker that jolted Vancouver evidenced itself precisely within the 3 hour time/date window, published 30 months in advance of the event, in his second.  
 There is fairly solid evidence to support the hypothesis that solar and lunar tides working in tandem might actually have a hand in at least helping to trigger tremors on the West Coast.  

Is this pattern merely coincidence, or are there underlying, scientific reasons for these cycles?
Aside from the empirical evidence above that points to lunar and solar tidal forces as part of the dynamics in the triggering of earthquakes, there are reams of peer-reviewed studies that support this thesis.  The data is found in a large body of scientific works published in the world's scientific journals, and dating back to the middle of the 1800s.  Recent studies published in the journal Science, conducted by a consortium of UCLA and Japanese seismologists in 2004, and by a team at Paris' Diderot University in 2009 also reiterate this view.  Researchers at La Sapienza University in Rome in 2006 determined that lunar tides were not only powerful enough to trigger potential quakes, but sufficient for feats of supreme overkill, such as dragging westward the entire North American continent  (see National Geographic article).  Further, NASA through a grant to Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics has funded the dessimination of hundreds of studies that indicate two unassailable American icons consider the matter at the very least a subject of debate. (Put "tidal triggering of earthquakes" into this search field: SAO/NASA). Therefore, with regard to the series of quakes listed above that have struck repeatedly within such thin time windows, there are much better reasons than chance and luck for cogent explanations.  Indeed, for "coincidence" to be at the heart of things, one need accept random probabilities hardly within the bounds of acceptability. 

And what does the USGS say about earthquake prediction?
  Earthquake prediction has been almost a taboo field of study for the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the very governmental agency in charge of making progress in this area, leaving their conservative approach to draw 
criticism from prominent seismologists
worldwide.  With the media's attention turned to this topic over the last sixteen years, seismology has lately amended the century-long view on this subject, and now accepts that lunar and solar tidal triggering of quakes is indeed factual, yet so far only proved for "small quakes" and that the evidence is not yet in regarding the "Big Ones" (see AOL News below, 2010). 

Everyone is interested in the big quakes.  Even if it's proven that "small" quakes can be triggered by gravitational tides, so what?
  Dr. Tom Jordan (Director, SoCal Earthquake Center) told AOL News when asked about Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight that studies have connected tides and "small" quakes.  At the same time, though, the most prominent spokesperson of the USGS, Dr. Lucy Jones, recently told UK news anchor Marco Werman that, "The fact is, as far as we can tell, big and small quakes all start out the same way."  Tides having an effect on "smaller quakes" (Dr. Jordan) and all quakes "starting out small" (Dr. Jones) should be of interest to West Coast residents.  That same sort of connection was at least entertained by Dr. Kate Hutton, Chief Seismologist at Cal Tech, and certainly one of the world's most prominent and respected seismologists.  When asked similar questions by the Los Angeles Weekly in 1997 she gave the laconic reply, "(Nabhan's) theory deserves to be taken note of." 

What is the media saying about "Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight"?
David Nabhan has been interviewed over three hundred times over the last nineteen years (including nationwide TV and radio). See "MEDIA LINKS" section below for a large selection of talk radio  and/or print interviews over the last few years, all free, from all over the world, in English and in Spanish.

And most importantly, is there anything you can do about this? 
  In each of the media interviews below a public request has been made that fair-minded and concerned citizens contact the Honorable California Governor Jerry Brown to voice their opinion that he convene the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council to pass judgement on the viability or fallibility of the hypothesis that higher probability windows for increased seismicity may exist on the US West Coast as outlined in Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight.  That panel is the consultative body California's chief executive relies on regarding any predictive or precursory plan having to do with seismic safety on the West Coast.  After hearing the case being made--on the air, in the public forum--it is hoped that visitors to this site will take a moment to make their opinion known to the governor.  He can be contacted by email at  Please click "Environment Issues" under the "Choose Your Subject" heading, and you have unqualified thanks in advance. 

(Note:  The audio files on a few interviews below hosted on this site in MP3 format (and noted as such by *MP3) unfortunately will not appear or play on your iphone and/or other mobile devices, they will certainly open on computers and laptops.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.)

Knoxville News Sentinel, TN op-ed (5/8/16) Climate change hysteria elicits calls for "carbon tax" on meat.  "Global Warming Panic is Reaching for Your Steaks," by David Nabhan.    

"Of Pancho Villa, Global Warming, the End of the World, and Other Tall Tales"
 Op-ed Commentary by David Nabhan  Published in Watts Up With That, the "World's Most Viewed Site on Climate Change" (4/26/2016)

WISR AM 620 AM  "It's Your Turn," Metro Pittsburgh 10/9/15 Hosted by Dave Malarkey RE: Helium-3, fusion reactors of the future, and free speech issues concerning science fiction's Hugo Awards. *MP3 

Anchorage Press  "The Next Big One"  Book Review of Earthquake Prediction Answers in Plain Sight  Anchorage, Alaska

Modesto Bee
  Columnist Jeff Jardine (5-28-2015) asks David Nabhan about facts & fictions Re: "San Andreas"  

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette AND Pittsburgh Tribune Review BOTH publish Mr. Nabhan's opinion for a more sober view of the supposed climate crisis (May 3 & May 7, 2015)

"Protecting New York from Fracking, Earthquakes...and Godzilla?"  Op-ed commentary, Rachel Alexander's Intellectual Conservative February 1, 2015

"Earthquake Prediction a Reality--Only to Bring Back $4 per Gallon Gas?"  The Courant, (Feb, 2015) Ann Arbor, MI (Page 13) 
NYC Radio 103.9 FM, John Gomez Show (1-23-15)
Connecticut Quake Swarm, Fracking & $4/Gal Gas?

 *MP3 Vinnie Penn Project
, WELI New Haven (1/21/15)

 *MP3 John Gomez Radio Show, New York
 Long Island News Radio 103.9 FM  1/14/15

Anchorage Mornings, Michael Dukes                on 700 KBYR     12/24/2014   (Please scroll to minute 9 to 19.)

 *MP3 WLW NewsRadio, Cincinnati, Marc Amazon Show, 12/17/14

CBS-TV News, Pittsburgh, KDKA   "Exploring links between Natural Gas Drilling & Earthquakes"  Anchor, David Highfield

Newsradio 1320 & 1170
 WJAS/Pittsburgh, WWVA/Wheeling  12/9/14

"Fracking and Seismicity?"Bloomdaddy Show (minute 19 thru 30)

WGN, Chicago   Bill and Wendy Show          8/7/14

World Net Daily
"Earthquake Secrets Unlocked" 7/18/14

There has been fairly intense media coverage concerning the times and dates (dawn and/or dusk, 7-12-14, 8-10-14, 9-9-14) aired around the world via INSIDE EDITION, Drudge Report, UK's Daily Mail, etc.  (see original segments below).  Here are subsequent pieces aired throughout US.

KFIV, Modesto  KFKA, Denver   KABC, Los Angeles   KERN, So Cal  WGN, Chicago    Trunews   Bakersfield Californian   WMGC, Detroit (pre-7/12/14)  WMGC, Detroit (post-7/12/14) 

UK's iconic Newspaper, LONDON DAILY MAIL   Sunday Edition June 1, 2014 (Courtesy of Drudge Report & CBS News)  "The Man Who Says He's Worked Out How to Predict Earthquakes"

KDKA MORNING NEWS      (5-29-14)-CBS NewsRadio, Pittsburgh
Larry Richert & John Shumway             "Earthquakes are predictable"

Thom Hartmann, "The Big Picture"  internationally televised      May 19, 2014 (Washington, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Beijing; 16 countries)  RT

CBS 2 News, Los Angeles                             April 30/May 1, 2014
with USGS' Dr. Lucy Jones 
Television broadcast throughout Southern California

Eye on Oklahoma Magazine 
                         Oklahoma City  May 1, 2014
"California and Oklahoma Seismic Uptick" 

CBS News National Science Desk      "Are We Getting Closer to Earthquake Prediction?"  (5-16-14)    Danielle Elliot, CBS News Science

Las Vegas Informer, Op-ed Commentary                       March 22, 2014
"Of Jet Streams, American Heroes...and Earthquake Prediction"

Journal of San Diego History                  (Summer, 2013 quarterly edition) 
refereed paper (University of San Diego) 
Pattern of Seismicity in Southern California   Reviewed: 60 year old  So Cal scholarly journal

Northern California Talk Radio:  KFIV              Modesto/Stockton/Merced
Earthquake Warning System                                                        8-22-13

San Francisco Examiner (8-7-13) 
               Op-ed/Commentary Page
"California Needs to Take Earthquake Prediction More Seriously"

Modesto Bee (6-13-2013)                                    Columnist Jeff Jardine
Modesto/Stockton, California        "Quake Advisories Aren't Predictions"

KZIM/KSIM Morning News Watch                                  May 20, 2013
Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, MO area           News radio 960 &1400 AM 
    Host:  award-winning, SE Missouri broadcast icon, Faune Riggin

Popular Science Radio           Hosts Alan Taylor & Dr. Stoskopf
broadcast nationwide from Los Angeles   April 20, 2013  (Min. 30-45)
Entertainment Radio Network  <--scroll to 1/2 (30 min.) mark to begin
or click HERE for extracted interview.  (See Dr. Stoskopf quote below.)

Southeast Missouri's Standard-Democrat                  Sikeston, Missouri
May 19, 2013                                                Front page, Sunday Edition

Bill Buckmaster Show    KVOI AM 1030                  "The Voice of Tucson"
Select 4-22-2013 audio archive & scroll to minutes 45 to 55  Tucson, AZ
Afternoons Live with Dave Diamond  <--before quake        April 9, 2013
Fox Radio KFIV  Modesto/Stockton                            Northern California
and May 29 follow-up interview.<---after quake  

Tara on TMA Morning Show            News talk WTMA, Charleston, SC
Select 4-15-2013 podcast and scroll to minutes 43 to 56

Los Angeles Daily News               Sunday Edition, Commentary Page 
"Earthquake Forcasts' Time Has Come"    by David Nabhan (11/4/12)
(& Long Beach Press Telegram, Ventura Star, Torrance Daily Breeze, Salem OR Statesman, and other West Coast dailies' opinion pages)

David Cruz Show, KFI, Los Angeles           Select Oct 28, 2012 show
Los Angeles' premier talk radio venue                    minutes 43 to 51

"Earthquake Signs in Plain Sight"   OpEd Article by D. Nabhan (9/4/12)
published by Columbia Daily Tribune      3rd largest paper in Missouri 
British Talk Radio, City Talk 105.9 Radio
      Liverpool, Manchester,
City 96.7 Peter Price Show (Aug 2, 2012)      Stafford, Preston, UK
     Interviewed by iconic British media presenter, Peter Price
*If problems are experienced clicking on Peter Price Show, please access it from HERE.

Michelle Jackson's "News Network"     Monterey, Carmel, Salinas, CA
Aired August 26, 2012                    Michelle's KRXA 540 AM Show Site

Earthquakes, Predictions & Possibilities"  News Magazine Despierten

"Terremotos, Predicciones y Posibilidades" 1250 word Op-Ed article in Spanish
Caracas, Venezuela (published Aug 1, 2012) Includes list of all remaining higher probability 3 hour seismic windows for 2012

Swirl Radio        Click Aug 11, 2012 archive (Min 28 to 33)                San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, Boston, Carmel  or access the interview directly HERE. 

LA Talk Radio  Sam in the Morning 
     On air from Minute 14 to 38   
 With Brigetta (Click 5-18-2012 archive)            Los Angeles, California

Irish Side of the Moon Talk Radio, Ireland Jan/2012

George Noory's "Coast to Coast AM" broadcast to 600 cities in US, Canada, Caribbean and Oceania. 10-11 PM, Nov 14, 2011

Whittley Strieber's "Unknown Country" Nationwide from Los Angeles
September 21, 2011

Bill Meyers Show, KMED Click Mon, Nov 21, 8:00 AM archive
Southern Oregon

Click news item detailing 4.8 quake which transpired on 10/26/2011--CBS News Sacramento Quake Report --and then juxtapose with what was declared prior in the plainest English imaginable on Rob McConnell's "X-Zone" below (Sept 1)

Rob McConnell's "X-Zone" Broadcast worldwide (the Americas, Europe,
Talk Star Radio Network Asia, Africa, Oceania) October 31, 2011

Rob McConnell's "X-Zone" Broadcast worldwide (the Americas, Europe,
Talk Star Radio Network
Asia, Africa, Oceania) Sept 1, 2011

Mantz and Mitchell in the Morning, Seattle Talk <- Click hyperlink to MP3 File
Radio, KKNW 1150, 3-19-11 (link to MP3 file)

Article in "Naked Scientists," Consortium
"The San Andreas' Fault...or Ours?
of Cambridge Univ Scientists' Magazine, UK December 10, 2010

Kate Delaney's "America Tonight"
Nationally syndicated, Nov 15, 2010

KSRO Morning News (Bay Area) Interviewed by David Page, Oct 14, 2010

Joe Madison Show May 24, 2010 nationwide broadcast Sirius XM

WZTK FM Talk (Charlotte, NC) Allan Handelman Show, May 22, 2010

Politics Daily (April 21, 2010) "Earthshaking Theory"

AOL News (April 20, 2010) "Do Moon Phases Trigger Earthquakes?"

KZSB Talk Radio (Santa Barbara)  hour-long MAY 18, 2010

Chilean Report (in Spanish) Portalnet     
Commentary from South America

Quotes about David Nabhan's Books:

"This is simple but brilliant observation, followed by reasonable applications; implausible to dismiss as coincidence."--Dr. Cort Stoskopf, Co-Host, Popular Science Magazine Radio, April 20, 2013

"The theory deserves to be taken note of."--Dr. Kate Hutton, Chief Seismologist, California Institute of Technology, to Los Angeles Weekly, April, 1997

"Knowing when an earthquake might strike may be as simple as tracking in the sky where the Sun and Moon are.  If you believe that predicting earthquakes is impossible, then everything you think you know about it could be wrong."--Thom Hartmann, RT Television, US/Europe, 5/20/14

"An intriguing and fascinating book.  He's not saying he's right, what he's saying is to look at the data, the way science used to be done. Here's the evidence--you look at it and figure out what it means. That's what he's saying."--Dave Bowman, KFIV, Modesto, 6/20/14

"If proven, this would be the 'Holy Grail' of seismology." --Conan Nolan, KNBC News Anchor, Los Angeles, 1997

"There you go; seems to me you're right."--George Noory, Coast to Coast AM, November, 2011

"What if I were to tell you that nearly every single deadly Southern Californian earthquake in the past happened at dawn or dusk and during a new or full moon?"--Paul Magers, News Anchor, CBS 2, Los Angeles, 4/30/14

"This is the first guy to go back and check what all those seismic events have in common?  The idea that it just took somebody to say 'let's look back and see if there's a pattern' is pretty shocking to me."--Scott Cox, KERN, Bakersfield, 6/3/14

"Nabhan's forecasts nailed three of the largest seismic events on the West Coast in 1996."-- Erin Aubrey, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Weekly, 1997

"This is a no-brainer for me; facts are facts."--Rick Wiles, Trunews, 6/10/14

"We've got a guy coming up who predicted a quake last time on the show; I don't know what to make of this earthquake prediction stuff."--Howard Stern, Howard Stern Show, January, 1998

"Ladies and gentlemen, you read it here first: Nabhan's near dead-on calculation for the August 20 shaker near Wrightwood."--Theresa Moreau, Pasadena Weekly, 1998

"There's a huge difference between a prediction and an advisory.  But the hardships unprepared Valley residents face if the Big One hits?  That's a promise."--Jeff Jardin, Modesto Bee, 6/13/13

"Whether or not Nabhan can predict earthquakes, he certainly predicts seismic skepticism."--David Moye, AOL News, 2010

"I don't see anything wrong with trying to warn people.  How does this hurt anyone?"--Wendy Snyder, WGN, Chicago, 8/7/14

"While some studies indicate that tidal effects may have an effect on smaller quakes, there's no evidence they have an effect on bigger quakes."--Dr. Tom Jordan, Director, Southern California Earthquake Center, 2010

"It's such a no-no! Seismologists won't even talk about it!"--Kate Delaney, America Tonight, 2010

"It is simply mind-boggling that with the evidence Nabhan has placed in front of scientific and governmental authorities over the last two decades, that they still are reluctant to move forward to at least consider the early warning advisory system he proposes. Simply mind-boggling."-- Rob Mc Connell, X-Zone. 9/1/11

"We're not interested in anyone claiming that the sky is falling, but David Nabhan is a rational man who has studied earthquakes seriously and has intelligent, useful information to offer."--Whitley Strieber, Dreamland Radio Show, 10/22/11

"This is the multi-billion dollar question. Does David Nabhan have the answer?"
David Page, KSRO Morning News, San Francisco, 2011

Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight may well contain those answers. Please click "About the Book" page for more information and/or for links to and to order a copy.

AND...For Science Fiction fans...From Skyhorse Publishing... please click here for an advance look at Pilots of Borealis, an "incredibly fast-moving, thoroughly unpredictable view of the future--astounding, terrifying, and more than anything, plausible."   (Release date, May, 2015)

"Captivating! An intricately designed and superbly entertaining tale of intrigue, politics and well-written science. If a few tears don't well up in your eyes as you read it, check your pulse."
--Dr. Paul C. Burton
Publisher, Burton Digital Books

"A page-turner that kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. What an ending!"
--David Pierre
Author, Double Standard


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